Abortion Pill Reversal Therapy

Client #1

We got the call on Monday afternoon – Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline. Our first! There was a client who had taken the RU-486 abortion pill on Saturday morning. We have a window of 72 hours from the first pill to begin the progesterone treatment to save the child. She called at 49 hours, that meant we had 23 hours left to begin treatment. 

She lived in LA, so we arranged for her to pick up the progesterone pills from a pharmacy near her, and set up an ultrasound appointment for 9 o’clock the next morning, to determine if there was still a heartbeat. That morning we watched the clock, but she didn’t appear. When we reached her, she’d had car trouble and was stranded on the side of the freeway, trying to reach us! She finally made it, and was so delighted to hear the baby was fine! We talked, and asked her what led her to this point: 

Her mother died when she was an infant, her father died when she was in elementary school. She was passed around from family member to family member, they were abusive, used drugs, no one cared for her. She conceived in high school, and kept her son. His father helped support the baby, but she didn’t want to trust him with her heart, because she’d learned already that no one would be there for her always. She refused to have a relationship with him, but she allowed him to be a father to his son. She had one good friend, and a few others who spent a lot of time with her, but when she discovered she was pregnant again, from another man she wanted nothing to do with, those friends convinced her that her only option was to have an abortion. She knew she would regret it, didn’t want to think about it, but they kept talking, pointing out all the challenges inherent in raising another child from someone she wants to forget. Her best friend was out of town, and she finally gave in, to make those people stop talking. 

The pill made her sick; her pulse raced, she was sweating, flushed, dizzy. Her best friend returned home, and began yelling. “Why would you do this?! You can’t kill your baby! You think you’ll be able to live with this? You’re sick, this pill is killing you! You need to go to the doctor, they have to stop this!” She looked up the abortion pill reversal online, and our client wanted to do it, so she called. She was upset with herself for allowing her “friends” to convince her that she wasn’t strong enough to bear a child. She said she knew she’d be fine, she could afford a child, it was just the relationship with the father that had her worried. Once she took the pill she wanted to change her mind, but she was immediately so ill she couldn’t think straight. As she was beginning the reversal regimen, she began to recover, and she was shocked to read stories online from other women who’d experienced the same symptoms, which had, in some cases, led to heart attacks or strokes. She was so grateful to the friend who had helped her to reach out for help, and to everyone who had worked so hard to create a reversal treatment and provide it to women who realized their mistake in time to save their children. 

Today both mom and baby are doing well; we’ll keep checking in on them until the baby is born! Thank you so much for your prayers and devotion to saving children! Every woman who chooses life after an ultrasound is an instance of a life saved, but somehow it becomes more real when the abortion has already begun. As those who seek to kill the unborn work harder to find new strategies, so we work harder to save those children! Spread the word so everyone knows: there is an Abortion Pill Reversal, and it works!


APR client – Lives Saved – Literally!

She sounded so frightened on the phone. Her voice was shaking, and she asked so many questions about whether or not her symptoms were normal. She’d taken the first abortion pill a full day ago, and she had no idea if this procedure would work, but she knew she needed to try. 

She’d gotten married at 18, and had two children with him. The abuse eventually escalated to a point she knew was unacceptable, and she divorced him. About half a year ago, he reappeared, apparently changed; he wanted to pay child support and see his kids! Then they started talking again, and seeing each other, and then he was talking about having another baby… When she realized she was pregnant all her hopes for a reunited family were destroyed. The yelling and screaming began again; “You’re trying to ruin my life!” He insisted upon abortion. For weeks he’d call, text, and show up to yell at her. She finally agreed to have the abortion, and for four days she’d drive to the clinic but couldn’t go in. Her father was sick, and she didn’t want to worry her mother, but her children noticed something was wrong. 

On the day she took the pill, she noticed all sorts of “messages from heaven”. The phrase kept running through her mind: “Bless your children”. She was shaking so badly after signing the paperwork she asked for a moment to collect herself. When the nurse returned with the pill she was still so nervous she dropped the pill on the floor. If she expected kindness from an abortion provider, she was shocked! The nurse yelled at her, insisting she take the pill right then or be charged the full amount anyways. She sobbed all the way home, and the father of her child threatened violence if she didn’t stop before the kids could see her. 

Fast forward 24 hours – comfort on the phone, reassurance that her kids can come with her, promises of support no matter what happens. Tears of relief when she sees the heartbeat flickering. Renewed concern when spotting begins. Two weeks later, no more fear! The baby is growing as expected, heartbeat is strong, and no spotting since that first day! She’s determined now to analyze her experiences of love and find strategies to weed out those who have no intention of real support. Her family is aware of her pregnancy, and ready to help. We are all delighted with her outcome!



Her mom brought her to this country as a young child, and they lived with her mother’s brother and his wife. She had a brother, and he was allowed to go to school and leave the house, but she was kept home, for fear that someone would see the bruises and ask what was happening to her. She was sexually, mentally and physically tortured every day for over a decade. Finally a neighbor called the police after hearing her scream, and she was freed.

Three years of foster families taught her that loyalty and love were not for her. She didn’t trust others, and she didn’t trust herself. She described being unable to hold firm to decisions she’d made, worrying that she was being foolish, and she believed  that anyone could make better decisions for her than she could.

Her first pregnancy was at age 18, and she was scared, but her boyfriend promised he’d be there for her, and everything would be ok. A couple years down the line, she realized that he’d changed, and was no longer someone she felt safe with. She ended that relationship and soon found someone she believed she could trust. She felt safe for awhile, but then hints of infidelity appeared, and then the worst.

She’s been living with him and his mother, but when she discovered she was pregnant, his mother forced her out, with her young son, knowing they had nowhere to turn. She lived in her car, renting hotel rooms when she could afford it, and he did nothing to help. She was abandoned, pregnant, with a toddler son, and she chose abortion.

She was allowed to return to her boyfriend’s mother’s house then, and she did. She continued working, while her boyfriend did not. She received healing care for her abortion, and thought she’d never do that again. But last week, she found out she was pregnant again, and his mother again insisted upon abortion.

She wanted to leave, but had nowhere to turn. Her boyfriend cried, and asked her not to do it, but offered no solutions to the crisis. He’d also cheated on her, and her trust in him was completely lost. She felt like the worst kind of monster, for considering this again, when she understood fully how evil it was. She felt like a fool for remaining with him, and allowing herself to be in this situation again. She had flashbacks from the previous abortion, and thought that if she ended this pregnancy the pain and trauma would end too. She took the pill.

Lying in bed that night, feeling her stomach twist and turn, she knew she wouldn’t survive another abortion. Mentally, she knew she would not live with herself if she killed another child. Her dreams of that other baby were so vivid! He’d run to her and he loved her, she thought he would never return to her if she finished this abortion. She pulled up her phone and searched for some way to stop an abortion in progress, and called us!

Tears were heavy throughout our meeting, but her smile grew when she saw her ultrasound! The baby was waving his arms and the heartbeat was weak, but present. We’ll see her again next week, and she’ll continue the regimen, praying always that this baby makes it.

Pray with us, that every child is welcomed with love, and that these mothers recognize their value, and that of their children.